The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Monster Hunter World

Never played Monster Hunter before? Interested in Monster Hunter World? Look no further, here’s your complete beginner’s guide!
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  1. Jesus I had to watch this video for a very long time before getting to anything that mattered. It would be nice if you mention some of the most basic info about the game, like is it single player, etc near the beginning. Now I don't want to watch the other videos for basic info because I'll be sitting here all night long.

  2. As an absolute noob that Tobi-Kadichi quest absolutely shafted me. Id get paralyzed by the tail and then the mf would pounce on me like 3 times while I tried to break free lol

  3. I just recently started playing this again. I stopped playing when I couldn't beat anjaroth. Picked it back up beat him and I've really been enjoying this game lately. Cant believe it sat on my shelf for so long. I'm loving this game. The loot is awesome and the game is so much fun.

  4. I actually just wanted to know how much it's different from 3,4,gen and the other games
    Getting a new pc soon (gets shipped the next days) and I get the game tomorrow
    My current pc couldn't play it until now that's why I'm 1 year behind

  5. Does this game have free dlc and what are the micro transactions like? Iam looking for a new gameplay experience and don’t want to have to pour money into it after I buy the game

  6. Kinda sad that the playerbase is so weak right now. So fun. But I never played with anyone.

  7. First time playing any monster hunter game. It’s 2019 and I’m getting back into gaming. This game looks amazing. What weapon type do u recommend I start with?

  8. Not sore if anyone will see this, but i could use some assistance. I'm far enough in the game to get the Legiana cut scene. Now I'm supposed to hunt it, but since I haven't actually seen it in the game or tracks…. I can't find. I failed it twice because I never found it.

  9. Here are some tips dont focus on low rank armor just try to focus on weapons try to get diablos weapons as soon as possible and if your weapon dosint have that tree use and anjanath or tobikadachis then go play the game till you reach nergiantae make his weapon and try to farm his armor then just go threw the game now when you beat the 2 bazels farm tier 2 tempered till you reach hr 50 and farm some monsters so you could make some elemental weapons and new armor for build while farming tempered now you should be ready for kirin. Tip do it solo.once you beat him farm tempered elders and tier 2 elder till you drop make builds and have fun that's what I did at least. now I'm able to solo every monster in the game except anchiant leshen

  10. I learned many hunting tips from arekkz channel. I've been playing monster hunter since 2016, I started with mhp3rd and now i've finished mhworld up to lunastra(can't beat behemoth). Now i'm playing mhp3rd again and I got time so i'm uploading my plays.

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