1. no interaction with kun the forgotten king or the storm guardian?

    no sorry emote with noggenfogger?

    smh blizz getting lazy

  2. a cool hero, probably the best released for shaman so far; still – it's not worth pouring 20 Euros into some packs and a portrait, at least from my perspective

  3. This guy's more suited to a solo adventure run considering his lines.
    Why make yet another shaman hero Blizzard?! I literally got one from ordering Rastakhan's rumble and I got Morgle with an account I made for my mother (why smurf?) after recruiting her. Seriously lads, make it a priest or something next time.

  4. Lmao now thats the ultimate bm hero. Cant even say good game cause your wp emote is "your thirst for victory is formidable". Thats some next level shit, sorry emotes are nothing compared to this

  5. Don't get me wrong I think he's very cool, but if I want to choose a mighty shaman hero that conveys austerity and superiority I would still opt for Rastakhan, so he's a bit redundant

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