The Throne Room – Critical Role RPG Show: Episode 7

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With an uneasy agreement struck between Kima and Clarota, Vox Machina quietly begin a search of Emberhold. Lady Kima means to strike a blow against their unseen enemy by cutting off the head of K’Varn’s military forces. The party battles their way through the fortress, and with the help of some quick thinking from Tiberius, they manage to gain the upper hand against the Duergar King, Murghol, and Ulara, his queen. The dwarven King is defeated, but victory comes at a price…​

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  1. I love how dumbfounded they all are at the quick sales on the shirts. They really didn't realize what they were starting with this show.

  2. T shirts sold out before they finished telling the stream about it, why were they surprised about the kickstarter?

  3. Just started watching these, great inspiration through the week between my sessions. If Travis ever gets a chance to read this I was personally inspired by Grog and have modeled some of my half-orc fighter Imsh Grimokk’s personality after him 🙂

  4. Goddammit Mercer! How can you manage to play your player's characters so well xD? First a perfect Tiberius, now a perfect Grog.

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