The Sims 4 House Building – Estate Home

Sometimes you just need a much bigger home, hopefully this will do the job nicely!


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  1. We've got one of those fucking huge TV's and it scares me because we have it mounted and I'm always scared that it's gonna like just fall off the wall or something

  2. I don’t mean to flex but my bedroom TV is 70inch smart 5k and 3D, the living room one is a 92inch Samsung one called “the wall” it’s cost around 15k. Being well off does have its perks.

  3. 16:25 it absolutely does not work on that high of a setting, it says it's buffered for like 30 seconds but then I turn it up to 1440 and it's pausing every 2 seconds minimum -_- come on youtube

  4. You should do a challenge where you don’t use or only use one pack(like City Living and base game, Cats And Dogs and base game, etc.) so some of use to only have one can download these without it getting rid of most of the items. Thanks

  5. After I have done the outside I do not add the windows until I am furnishing I only do the front windows before I furnish

  6. The fact that it's base game only makes me so incredibly happy, fantastic build. Looking forward to using in my game 🙂

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