1. I like Sims 4 better cuz there's no scary burglars or social workers that are so creepy
    EDIT: And yes, it was developed by EA and whenever EA makes games, you have to pay for everything you do if that's what everyone thinks. But at least there's cheats (Ctrl+Shift+C and spam motherlode) So whenever you can't pay for something just cheat!! Idc if I'm a cheater

  2. Я из того времени, когда в симс 4 вышло дополнение Времена Года

  3. I remember this like about 24 years ago it was 96 I screamed I frightened everyone my family and the exchange student's I also got told off. When Everyone saw I was excited there wasnt fear. 🤣I screamed for at least a month everytime I would see it think it I was so excited for this game that I had waited over 2 years for. Ahhhhhh those were the days of hope.😎😉

  4. I think they might release a remastered edition of the first Sims with all expansion packs in 2020. It makes sense because 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of this game.

  5. Tbh after playing sims 3, sims 1 is wayy harder than the third game lol
    Klapaucius and rosebud were there for a reason

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