The Secret Life of Pets: Unleashed™ Mobile Game Trailer

Get up close and personal with the insanely cute characters from The Secret Life of Pets™ in this sensational match-3 game. From EA and Illumination Entertainment—the creators of Despicable Me and Minions—comes a matching adventure that’s the perfect blend of pets, puzzles, and personality.

Enjoy unique and exciting challenges as you explore New York with Max and his friends. Each chapter unlocks new pets, boards, and goals – from chasing away pesky squirrels with Mel to digging up super-sized bones for Duke.

Play fetch with Max to collect your Daily Reward, rock out with Leonard, and even raid the fridge with Chloe.

Match combos and super combos to activate pet-driven boosts, including a flock of helpful parakeets and a board clearing dive bomb from Tiberius and Gidget.
Let excitement run wild as you share fun (and maybe a little mischief) with the delightful characters from The Secret Life of Pets™.


  1. Guys,
    No need for swearing. EA Is a Video game company that makes good games like
    The Sims series-
    And Plants VS Zombies: Garden warfare 2-
    And The ones that hates it are trying to Crumble it to peaces to close every server and close EA.

  2. OK it said is this version is not capable for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 can u guys make it capable version for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 plz I see that this game got great ratings I would love to play it thx

  3. I don't enjoy these kind of games, but I'm just hoping it's not littered with in-app purchases and has something that makes it different from candy crush other than graphics.

  4. My dad has been working on a lot of these movies. Minions, despicable me 1 and 2, lorax, and now this one. He's been working on video games for the movies to, but thank goodness they didn't have homework on this game, I don't want his name in the credits for this piece of garbage.

  5. Fucking hell. So this looks like ANOTHER money grabbing Candy Crush clone, probably littered with In-app purchases. Why does every single mobile game have to be the same thing? Can't people come up with original concepts rather than just make clones of existing (and awful) games? And I'd much rather pay money upfront for an app rather than have it filled with terrible in-app purchases.

  6. Im tired of these Puzzle games. Just make an endless runner game. Im sick of these Stupid puzzle Knockoff gamez

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