The Outer Worlds Gameplay – Finally, a Fallout: New Vegas Spiritual Successor – IGN LIVE | E3 2019

Fallout co-creator Leonard Boyarsky discusses The Outer Worlds’ scale, combat, flaws system, and character creation.


  1. да, это эти люди, пиздец, графика вроде другая, но эту убогую физику сразу видно, не могут они ничего нового придумать

  2. Only a few months before a Fallout game releases, the AI is buggy as hell, people still think it's going to be fixed before launch. Y'all do not learn, do you? This is what you're getting. The shooting is bad. The AI is bad. The dialog is okay at best. The developers keep telling you this game does NOT have the scale of New Vegas. You will regret your preorder. And I was here laughing at you, with my $60 still firmly in my pocket. You will all defend this after launch as "well the media overhyped us". No. YOU overhyped YOU. I'm not overhyped. I'm already disappointed.

  3. Except the dev's have already said this isn't gonna be like a fallout game….a lot of people are gonna be disappointed if they thinks it's just gonna be like new vegas

  4. I was interested but the gameplay just looks so basic. There doesn’t seem to be anything new or interesting here. But it’s on game pass so I’ll give it a go

  5. Ok so couple of questions then.

    Are the spaceships like warframe or Destiny?

    And are these spaceships your home or is the mad scientist your home?

    Cause in Fallout 3 & 4 only ones I played you are allowed to create your own home.

    In Warframe cause my brother tried to get me to play it and I hated it. But on The Outer Worlds is your home your ship? Cause every ship looks the same except on the outside

    And in Destiny you have a Base on a Planet so thats why I ask if the base is wherever the Mad Scientist is at?

  6. We want you to feel like a real space cowboy that can go wherever they want. So naturally we don’t have a large open world…

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