The Dumbshits Guide to Dark Souls: Darkroot Garden 2


Technically you can do this area at any point, you just have to go around the gate but it’s best to wait a while until you’re levelled enough to take on Sif. A few interesting things here so it’s worth going through and grabbing anything. Just don’t get ganked :^)

(This series won’t cover random enemy drops or soul items)


Kevin Macleod – Call to Adventure
Blind Witness – All Alone
Slap Bass thing (ill find the link later)
John Cenas Theme (The Time is Now)
Scatman John – Invisible Man
Devo – Whip It
JAM Project – THE HERO!! (One Punch Man Opening)
Emotional Titanic Flute
Renard – Tumblr Got Soul

Special Thanks:
Elias Thompson – Step 67
All of my generous patrons.
Thank you all so much.


  1. Dark Souls is the first video game to make me cry and that's because of Sif. I actually haven't learned the lore of Sif since I've just started playing Dark Souls but it made me cry a bit seeing him limping and struggling to fight back. And when I learned about Sif's lore, it made me cry even more everytime I see a video of a boss fight with Sif

  2. When he cleaved the guy where the loud sound played I legit spit out my drink because I was laughing so hard

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