1. Jack, you make me want to play this game even more, this game is so fun!!!and you make it seem even more so!!!love the content Jack!!! And Happy new years Jack :D, aswell as the people reading this

  2. One of the maps that I see about of fortifications in is in conquest in the snow mountain map ( I forgot what it’s called😂) in conquest on the B flag since it’s very open and not much cover

  3. What I really don’t like about bf5 is when you die in a slpoit second from full health from a smg from the medic class it sucks especially if your in a kill streak

  4. Im a hardcore fan of bf4 but only because of the radar. My main gripe about this bf5 game is the instant spotting when you fire your gun making it extremely difficult to infiltrate an enemy flag without the entire enemy killing you instantly after you get one or 2 kills. No silencers in the game kinda sucks.

  5. arras and devastation ( tiny ) are nice, the rest are not great, hamada is boring af, aerodrome or aerodome is meh too. fjel is crap. BF1 maps were spectacular, amiens, ballroom, quentin scar, soissons, such beauts! better realistic looking softer renders.

  6. Driving the tractor would remind me of the bobcat vehicle from wake island in bf3 where one drives and 2 people sit on front and back

  7. So all this thing has to offer is good visuals and nothing else. Graphics isn't how to make a game enjoyable. The retards at dice will never go back to making good games it seems.

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