That FINAL ROOM… | Alien Vendetta MAP 29-32 | Complex Doom/LCA/Clusterfuck

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True Clusterfuck (not sure if this link works):

Chaos Lite download link:

Clusterfuck/LCA music list:

Dusted, the lead behind Clusterfuck, has a YouTube channel which can be found here! He streams Doom mods sometimes!

Spook! The creator of Project Complexity! He makes some good shit! Find him here:

If you’re looking for the peak for high quality commentary then Hexa is your man. He’s got that hilarious British charm that you just can’t get anywhere else! If it weren’t for him I never would have even found out about Complex Doom and LCA etc… My channel would not exist! You can find him here:

The man… The myth! THE LEGEND! Silent One! He’s a mad man like myself… Maybe even more so… He plays Clusterfuck with a CONTROLLER! That’s like True Clusterfuck on Steroids man. You can find him here:

This bloke is the one who is working on Chaos Lite and is just as mad as the rest of us! He is currently playing Valiant with Chaos Lite using PLASMA PISTOL ONLY for the entire thing! What the hell?!? Find him here:

This guy likes to start beef with me on the Clusterfuck discord ;D but he’s a cool dude and his videos are always top notch when he actually uploads! I consider him the all-knowing when it comes to Doom. You can find him here:

If you know any other Clusterfuck/Complex/LCA YouTubers that I’ve missed leave a comment so I can add links to them here! I know these guys because they post regularly on the Clusterfuck discord so anyone who doesn’t post there I probably missed… Love you all!


  1. Skip intro –> 0:49 | I am REALLY enjoying streaming. It beats the living hell out of playing on my own! It is seriously so much having people to talk to while playing… And especially so having people to laugh at you when you get wrecked! SOooOooO Alien Vendetta is FINALLY DONE! 'BOUT FUKN TIME! The next WAD on the menu is called Foursite. It is only one map… And it is a big one. It took me 4 hours and 25 minutes to beat on stream. Get keen!

    One lil hitch is that these maps and the start of Foursite were recorded in 720p instead of 1080p because reasons… But we'll be back to full HD halfway through the next video! Or the one after… Because a 4 hour+ map will take a while to edit and probably span across 2-3 videos.


    Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy the video ^_^

  2. Since I prolly won’t make it to streams, I would like to see some more use of the Hell and Fantasy Staff. Hell Staff Alt has homing while Fantasy Staff doesn’t stun so Legs won’t teleport and get rekt if you can keep your distance…

  3. It's unfortunate that I'll not be able to watch you stream under the circumstances. Glad to still see the uploads though. 🙂

  4. uses flamethrower. "thats pretty lit" yes UV you started those fires. the song you were wondering was a version of ("Corpse Voyage ~ Be of Good Cheer") which belongs to Shadow Orin.
    The Phantom has a chance of reviving things when she falls into a pain state. thats why there was pinkies before.
    36:00 Hey thats not a clone. thats Winterstorm Iku. i think she only summons the clones (could be wrong) when you have a true leg rune.
    39:20 the purple flames is a sprite conflict. i didnt think anything was using that sprite tag (let alone more flames of the same kind)
    well i am happy at least Thunderstorm played once. i think i am going to buff her card attack though.

  5. I know you normally don't do mod showcases, but I have a mod that can no longer be obtained(I'm not kidding). I'm just waiting until I know that you'll showcase it to upload it because I'm not sure what ModDBs policy is in regards to uploading other peoples mods and I want as many people as possible to get it in the event it gets taken down.

  6. man i would love to play multiplayer with you on clusterfuck like on the "noob" series. love your channel. cheers.

  7. Finally, I've played AV countless times over the years haha. I have no idea how this wad remains the pinnacle of all doom wads, I could play this with my eyes closed and still have a dull time. I cant wait for the next set of maps, I recommend Descent into Pandemonium (dintop.wad), a seven map adventure made by LordTestes.

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