Terran Dominion | StarCraft

From the ashes of the Confederacy arose the Terran Dominion, a nation dedicated to protecting humanity under the watchful rule of Emperor Mengsk.

Yes, we know about Ryan’s Raiders. We’re sorry.

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Narration by Larissa Thompson

Background music “Midnight Run” by Reaktor Productions. Used under licence from PremiumBeat.com

Ending music “Battle Forever” used under license from Shutterstock.com.


  1. Painting the target, need a light, you want a peace of me Boi, fight or flight yea right, Goliath online, I read you….. Sir
    If you don't know these quotes I'm afraid your life is not yet perfect.

  2. Many of these great games is so cool that Hollywood should make movies out of them.instead of rebooting old movies..to make them great again..

  3. Question, I was always under the impression that the Confederacy/Dominion, while powerful, were rather tiny and second rate technologically and educationally speaking when compared to the United Earth Directorate, since they were basically the survivors of several colony ships made up of unwanted criminals, and that the UED mostly didn't mess with the Koprulu sector simply due to the distances separating them making it unfeasible to remain in control. Was I wrong?

  4. the story in hots and lotv is such a disepointing waste of the great characters in it..ohwell..viva la fan and comunity 'alternative' stuff to reduce plotholes..
    fucking 'reborn' primal zerg..yet high heel looking legs ye right…guess the concept motto 'perferct in body' got lost when trying to jump the wagons in the hype train.

  5. Blizzard honestly doesn’t get enough shit for their two biggest IPs pre-Overwatch originally being shameless Warhammer rip-offs. Also just flat out using the historical Confederate flag for the Terran Confederacy? yikes.

  6. TiberiusExitium: let’s make this into a halo group and completely revamp the lore but also keep tho logo cause I’m a bit unoriginal

  7. Why would the entire franchise cover a backwater human star nation? Especially when the Zerg and Protoss are entire nations in and of themselves. Blizzard really fucked up on that. The throne world should be Earth, and the Dominion should span thousands of sectors, Not just one. Holy fuck what a disappointment.

  8. I love Starcraft but let’s be honest. If you had to live in this universe you’d not give two shits about most of the people you met because most of them are assholes and idiots.

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