Super Mario RPG | The Completionist | New Game Plus (ft. Zan Alda)

This week on New Game Plus I’m excited to re-complete Super Mario RPG and spend some time with Mallow and Geno again with my friend Zan Alda!

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Whenever a company other than Nintendo makes a Mario game, it is really hit or miss. Like Mario’s Time Machine ( I still have nightmares about that. But when Square took the reins to make Super Mario RPG, man oh man does it come together. It still plays well and has elements of modern RPG games. Plus we get two characters introduced in this game that NEVER appear anywhere else, and fans have been rooting for these characters to appear in Smash, they are Mallow and Geno. Two companions that help you on your quest to restore balance to the world. Also called Mario and the Legend of the Seven Stars, I’m really excited to dive back into this game and play me some Mario Final Fantasy.

Let me know what you thought about my Super Mario RPG review! Also let me know what other games I should re-complete for New Game Plus!

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  1. Culex theme and Forest Maze are my favorite music compositions. It's definitely hard to just pick two though. I seriously wish they could re-create this game.

  2. I still remember being so hyped when I read in Nintendo Power that this game was coming to the Wii virtual console. I originally played it on my neighbor's super Nintendo but was never able to play past the first few hours since he ended up moving. They had better put this on the switch at some point so I can replay the game with my son.

  3. This was the first RPG i have ever played. I remember when i reached level 2 and I was like…. im in the same zone though…. shrug I have fully completed it four times and it is probably my most favorite super nes game. All the zones in the world are priceless and the game is so well made. There is so much depth and variety in this game: the rhythm in yoshi's land, the mine cart mini game, even the maze in the wooded level. I also thought the difficulty was there too. I would love it if it came to the virtual console in the new 3DS. it probably wont but i have been dreaming and praying for it! <3

  4. I still weep that they never released this for the New 3DS VC…being able to take this game on the go would literally end my 3DS library in one fell swoop.

  5. I remember my Grandma got this for me when it was released back in 96. I loved it, even having never gotten into Final Fantasy games. I still have the original cart with my SNES.

  6. I still hope and pray
    For the very day
    Geno comes to smash
    Pleasing all the fans
    Of the game they love to play

    Geno for smash! two fighter slots left! It can still happen!

  7. I bought this game on the WiiU like two weeks ago. I’ve been taking my time with it and I absolutely love it. People like you and speed runners are the reason I knew about this game. It’s one of my favorites and that’s saying something.

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    You guys want something tasty: try Gouda with apple-syrup. If you eat peanutbutter, try the 100% one without other fats added.

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