1. This was made by 3 seniors from my high school, one of the bosses is a tribute to our game design teacher, and they're making a sequel.

    It's awesome seeing how much attention Suits got, especially since it was made by 3 guys for their senior project. They have a few other small apps out now, that are worth checking out!

  2. You really need to cover CLASSIC GAME and HOME GAME. The creator is on YouTube as HORSE'S MUSIC DOGS. More people need to see these.

  3. $1 adds up fast
    if 1,000,000 buy it
    then they made $1,000,000
    not to add but if they count them selfs as a company they can write the computers off as company expediencies.

  4. The design of the character in the thumbnail from this game really stuck with me.
    I've been working on an animated short called Hell-Noir. And the main character was a real trouble to design. Then, I remembered the character in the thumbnail. I worshipped the character a bit. Gabe him a fedora hat, a larger frame, no mouth, a red tie, a dress shirt, and brown pants. I think it worked out pretty good.

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