1. Why come cant make a play for this why come not more blackbirds and crows in theater yall humans evolving to slow hmm wtg sis go make a play or something geez just saying

  2. Who is this person that made this? This is top-notch quality! I have an idea not one that rips off this one but since this person is a bird expert I would like to speak with them I have seen other videos that have inspired me as well but I do not want to speak about what I would like to do unless it's with the person who made this costume. Oh name at the end my apologies

  3. I freakin love this. As a fellow cosplayer, I'm not impressed easily. Nice to see other cosplayers with moving mouths. 3 of my cosplays do the same thing. It freaks people out and I love it. If only people knew how easy it was. πŸ˜€

  4. Okay so because they call it a cosplay now its not a 'weird' fursuit.


    It just bothers me that there is so much hate for suits and such but then when you make it based off of a show or a game or something now its fine.
    They are the same damn thing.

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