Streamer Destroys Pro Players In the Solo Gauntlet FINALS! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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  1. List of Reasons Why Splatoon is better than Fortnite
    -The game is easy to learn and medium to master, while Fortnite is medium to learn and hard to master.
    -The game has a better community overall and they accept everyone of all genders, races, and sexualities.
    -The game has real lore and is actually deep, unlike Fortnite where the only thing deep is the STW weapon stats.
    -The game's hats, clothes, and shoes actually give you abilities, making the game more fun to farm abilities, other than just making you look cool.
    -The games only microtransaction, Octo Expansion, has a very great and touching story, unlike Fortnite where you buy V-Bucks and realize that skins don't make you better at the game.
    -The game is a victim of Fortnite stealing ideas from Splatoon 2, Fortnite stole Toxic Mist and called it Stink Bombs, Fortnite stole the Baller, and called it… the Baller.
    -The game is made by Nintendo and gets spread around more easily, but Fortnite was only spread around because it was Battle Royale.
    -The game is more unique as in you're running around as squid people with ink guns, and fighting over which color the floor should be! Like, how fucking high do you have to be to think of that shit?

    I hope this list helped you comprehend the various reasons why Splatoon is better than Fortnite.

  2. el mk este solo se esconde a lo rata jajajajaj llega a la zona se hace un cuadro y hay se queda como 5 min mientras los otros se matan y sigue asi y dele que dele con lo mismo el unico tiro bueno fue el ultimo y pense que era una partida re bestial pero es una partida de un niรฑo escondiendoce xd

  3. I donโ€™t know why people are complaining about the 2 kills. They donโ€™t realize how crazy those competitive games/scrims can get. I mean your editing and your movements and placement of the campfires, just a ton of 200IQ plays. Maybe if all the tryhards would land somewhere other than tilted every game and focus on the win the game would be a lot more fun for the newer players. Iโ€™d much rather have 5 kills and the win than 15 kills and get top 30 maybe.Anyway awesome job Sypher, you are always gonna be my favorite. Congratulations too!

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