Stream Highlight: YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME? Gimme a NUKEM!

So after farming for an extended period of time I decide its time to show Black Queen that I am not in the mood for her BS. This video was brought to you by Satan who said I should keep farming. Thanks Satan.

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  1. so hears the deal you gave yourself not one but two nukems to get a nukem not only that you basically only used them as badabooms and you were farming it using norfleets which is considered the best rocket launcher in the game not only that but thanks to the campaign if carnage you could have gotten the nukem so easily while you were farming the nukem you were yelling "you think this is a fucking game" well yes borderlands is a game its not the most fun game but its a farm and loot based game so if your trying to farm something its gonna take a while i mean i literally saw someone farm for a striker for 56 minutes just to get it with a tediore grip and if you cant handle farming it for so long dont fuck with your self and keep going until you get it just try another time

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