StarCraft: Brood War Alternate – The Union 01 – The Evacuation


StarCraft Alternate, originally created by StratosTygo, was a re-imagining of the original StarCraft where the main theme was swappng all three races story-wise, while keeping general storyline and original missions themselves mostly the same. This Brood War Alternate iteration, created by UEDCommander, sports custom AI, the addition of all three Brood War campaigns, and a playable 4th race of Primal Zerg.

Download it here:


  1. Now I genuinely have no idea what's going to happen, this is all UEDcommander and the others, let's see what they came up with.

  2. I think that better choice for Artanis would be some of secondary heroes: Tom Kazansky, Alan Schezzar or Magellan insted of Davis

  3. Yikes the editing quality went down drastically. The text and dialogue in the previous campaign were mostly decent, but this……

    P.S. Carolina Davis was a cool addition though. It's already getting wild. Good portrait, too! It's funny how the captain we've been playing as would in fact have acted very much in character by aligning with Mengsk. Is this gonna be the one time that an Alternate version of a hero is more useful in the game than the original?

  4. I hope Medics aren't reserved for the traitor mission. Like: "Duke would even send in tanks against us", "Do not worry we have medics that can use optical flare". That would make no sense.

  5. So Davis is Artanis, but in the original you were supposed to be Artanis in Episode III. Here Davis was just promoted Lieutenant which wouldn’t make sense if you were her in Episode III where you’re a Captain

  6. I dunno man, honestly this takes the Protoss storyline and suddenly turns it extremely human, pretty much literally. The overall storlyine is different, but this is immediately relatable. Also, unlike the Zerg, I can see the Protoss chain of command being disrupted so easily because they're hardcore hierarchical types. I can see them straight-up raging at having no high-up leader, or being defeated so easily. Its sort of the same idea as the Zerg hivemind, just swapped with really out-there religious extremism.

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