StarCraft 2: MACRO Zerg vs Protoss! (Bo5)

A best-of-5 series of professional StarCraft 2 on all the new maps!
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Namshar vs ShoWTimE on all of the new maps that have recently been added to the new multiplayer season in StarCraft 2. This is a best-of-5 series of professional StarCraft with commentary.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.


  1. But Zerg has the advantage on the map. All the minerals are much closer to his Main that the Protoss. The Cristal distribution on this map is not symetrical..

  2. Lowko? About the "high ground" in Star Wars? Go watch Episode 1 again. As Qui-Gonn dies, Obi-Wan is stuck in the mouth of a pit, far below Darth Maul, and is hanging by his fingers, lightsaber gone. Obi-Wan still cuts Maul in half. To put it in StarCraft terms, blame the player, not the race. Please stop making Star Wars high ground jokes.

  3. Namshar played amazingly cleverly in that last game, but it is kind of infuriating to see how easy it is to just move zerglings into a protoss base and get so many worker kills with so little effort against a player who is so good at defending he is called "The Wall."
    Also kinda annoying to see how zerg can actually match up against all of protoss' most advanced units (high temps, carriers, mothership, archons) with just zerglins, banelings, hydralisks and no hive tech whatsoever.

  4. Is German Efficiency Showtime's special ability? Do other German players have access to this power-up? Do players of a specific country all have access to a country based special ability? What is Namshar's special ability? Am I just rambling like a mad person?

  5. Lowko isn´t it that the AlphaStar AI overproduces workers because it has figured out that you will lose some no matter what (like game 5 showed us) and that it just might be better to invest in those rather than try and protect your mineral line?

  6. All I see in game 1 is Protoss building an unstoppable army and walking over Zerg. Storm is so hard to deal with when archon and immortals deal so much dmg

  7. race car mech would be AWESOME against protos, perfect for hit and run tactics that are ideal for defeating a big strong lategame army witch protos have

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