StarCraft 2: Learning The Basics – Bronze to Grandmaster – PART 1/7 (Guide by a Pro Player)

Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions for future videos. I hope you guys enjoy this one!

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  1. Thank you for watching everyone! Let me know if you enjoyed this kind of "Bronze to Grandmaster" series 🙂

    Of course as we go up in leagues the content will get more and more complex and will also be more focused on game play!

  2. Haven't played since the zerg expansion. I am gonna get back on it using your videos and see how far I get. I appreciate this videos

  3. I'm currently gold tier. your videos are really helpful. thank you very much for doing all this guide. hopefully with the help of your videos some day I can reach the platinum league.

  4. i always thought this game was all about lay back,scratch your balls with the left hand and do everything with the mouse.i was so wrong lol,this game requires fingers.
    what a great game ive missed so long.

  5. Im stuck in bronze because the people who I found are platinum and im not a bad player I use tier 2 and I think that I use it well to my player level but this people who are in a better league than me they really destroy me

  6. Something you could have mentioned is campaign and Co op. I think they are en easy and fun way to both learn the basics and get used to mechanics. Also, watching some esports and stream a bit is a great way to get knowledge, I think. Personally, I watched so many videos and played so many Co op missions that when I got into ladder for the first time, I placed gold directly.
    Anyway, thank you for the great content and sorry for my "meh" english, I can't wait for the diamond episode 😀

  7. Hmph. I got to gold one by just playing. Best advice I've gotten was get each race to lvl 20 before choosing. That way you know each races weaknesses.

  8. Ok so i have been trying to follow your advice playing bronze league zerg. Soo far there is 2 types of mathes. 1st opponent quits 5 seconds into game. 2nd opponents walls in his base, i attack with tier 1 units from my first base, get obliterated by one siedge tank or a few protos cannons. By the time i build up second attack force enemy has carriers/battlectuisers kills my secong attack. My main runs out of money and gg..

  9. Thank you. I've done things backwards. I've been working on a great build order and I've gotten into the top of my division in Silver 1 over the course of a couple weeks, but yet… my building placement needs so much work. If I'd watched this video series first I probably would've focused my time better and gotten to Gold by now, and more importantly, I'd be a better player!

    Thank you good sir. Subscribed!

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