StarCraft 2: Google DeepMind AlphaStar (A.I.) vs Pro Gamer!

Google DeepMind AlphaStar versus professional gamer in StarCraft 2.
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This is such a cool project that Google is working on. This self taught AI called AlphaStar from the Google DeepMind team is now advanced enough to face and beat professional StarCraft 2 gamers.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.


  1. you do realize that APM is biased because the AIs choices are always perfect whilist humans can click from time to time and it provides no value whatsoever?

  2. Oh wow a rabot beats a human in macro. Lol. This is like having an AI play with Aimbot in CS:GO. It shouldn't have unlimited speed and precision. This is like a robot beating a human in calculations while humans are still better at mathematics.

  3. seriously im not excited about VR or some super graphics. Im excited about better AI's in games. Imagine games like Civ series or Crusader Kings with great AI's.

  4. Him: "imagine marines with perfect micro."
    Me. "Please… Don't even try to say they compare to stalkers with perfect micro."

    Also me: Notes how "poorly" the ai controls it's stalkers compared to what's possible.

  5. One remark; Go has an uncomputable amount of combinations. Chess can be computed. That is why beating a human in go was such an important event.

  6. So it took the AI the equivalent of 200 years to learn how to play 1 race in 1 map of starcraft better than a human… yeah AI definitely gonna run the world one day🤣

  7. Meh. Doesn't really mean much when you consider the AI isn't limited to 1 character screen like an actual player, and that it's APM is 100% effective whereas an humans APM is artificially inflated due to spam, and isn't pinpoint accurate like the AI is. It would be a lot more interesting if they imposed the same limitations to the AI as a human imo

  8. Yeah avarage apm might be obtainable by humans but it is an incredibly misleading statistic. This kind of micro is just straight up unsustainable for a human (or even something that uses a keyboard and a mouse). What they should go for restriction wise is something along the lines of "what a robot using real peripherals could do, while having humanlike "muscle strength" and reaction time", if they really care about that aspect.

  9. This proves my point that SC2 is a RTT (real time tactic) game when micro managemet bring you victory. Any way that was impressive 3 way assult with superior micro management to spread the enemy and epic countering to enemy cloaked units.

  10. This kinda dosen't seem fair to Mana. I mean you can clearly see that the ai with just 100 something apm has the same level of control as him with 300 something apm. I believe that its becouse the ai using 100 apm isint the same as a player since of course the ai dosent need to warm up its fingers so no apm is wasted. Its like if it used for instance 300 apm the player would need double that just to keep up

  11. in dont think apm limitations should be a thing. Your goal shouldnt be to make it exactly human like because then whats the point of creating an ai. It should be an ultimate challenge to play against with the one screen limitation only.

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