STAR CITIZEN ALPHA 3.0 Gameplay Demo Walkthrough (Gamescom 2017)

STAR CITIZEN ALPHA 3.0 Gameplay Demo Walkthrough (Gamescom 2017)

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  1. This is what happens when a too much ambitious game designer looses his mind.. Elite Dangerous is still 120 times better of this shit. Glad i didn't buy.

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  3. guys for your own sanity stop defending star citizen we know its a good game and thats enough, its like feminism all over again no matetr how much you explan these dumbfucks wont understand

  4. I have invested in this project, and mark my words, fair knights o' the interwebs: this will be a space ARMA, regardless of how much polish goes into it. I wish it were more like Elite: Dangerous, but this will have ARMA level of jankiness.

  5. This game is make for next technology…. So… You need a high PC stop rage if you dont have pc its better without downgrade

    And for bugs the game is in debugging time now and its ALPHA go play minecraft if you cant see the work of devellopers Final fantasy XV take 10 years of devellopement

  6. Somebody please explain to me! Ive been really eager to play this game since its announcement, but how are people not completely fed up with the shenanigans? As I understand it its been 5 years and 150+ million in crowd funding and the game is not even close to being what they promised. They call it an alpha and it appears very sloppy, physics are garbage, lacking content, tons of gimmicks, no actual release date in sight, and tons of rumors about total implosion of the development. Are people letting their anticipation excitement cloud their judgement of whats acceptable? Anyone who expresses concern seem to get flamed bythe fan boys. Maybe im missing something… please enlighten me? How is this kind of stuff becoming acceptable and the norm for video games?

  7. This comment section is 50% "this game sucks", 30% "shut up guys it's tough to make a game", and 20% "These commentators are brain dead". Personally, I'm disappointed because I decided to spend money one a game that has made little progress based on this video. However I do understand how hard it is to make a game but just look at this guys. Does it take years to make a progressive planet and some decent looking vehicles. There are also tons of bugs in the game right now and none of them are being fixed . The missions are repetitive and there are some useless features like area 18. I think I'm gonna wait a bit longer before I consider a refund but overall I see not a lot of changes. Just some decoration and glitches. Also the commentators are probably drunk.

  8. These people here are the most cancerous and toxic people who ever lived….Dont you get it how hard it is to code smth like this? You could give the devs 5 quadrillion dollars but that wont get the game finished tomorrow…coding this behemoth of a game is still limited by how fast a human can code and 5 years is incredibly FAST for what they already accomplished. Chill your god damn nipples and eveb if it will take another 10 years of finishing this game…then what? I have no problem with it

  9. cuando es el lanzamiento definitivo de este maldito juego???????????
    se van puros videos y videos….. cuando es la fecha definitiva? sean mas serios!

  10. How long will it take for people to realise that this is a flop and a scam. All you have to do is use common sense. USE YOUR BRAIN. I know you're hyped but how many times you have to get fucked over to wake up?

  11. What is the setting to run the game in good quality? I was wondering if a configuration with i7 7º 7500U, with a GeForce 940mx of 4GB and 16GB of RAM would account to run with a good quality and a good FPS

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