Square's SNES RPG That Never Left Japan: Live A Live – Region Locked Feat. Dazz (Super Famicom)

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To avoid spoilers, skip from 7:43 to 10:35

This time on Region Locked, we take a look at Square’s Super Nintendo (SNES) RPG that never left Japan, Live A Live, which is largely considered one of the best SNES games to never leave Japanese soil. Through our analysis of the game and its gameplay, we hope you learn some fun facts about this Super Famicom role play game and have the making of it explained here on the Did You Know Gaming channel.

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  1. Sadly, this video contains heavy spoilers, making it impossible to recommend this game to friends through this video. Really sad.

  2. I rather see this game remade along with Chrono in Octopath's visuals. I think the reason why westerners never got this game was the content. Aside from Zaki's weird lizard loin cloth, Pogo and Gori farting an so on. The Sci FI chapter had some very fucked up scenes like Rachel taking her dead boyfriend's body into her bed. Plus there was some suicide in a chapter.

  3. Great video. The only nitpick is that I would argue that Square was possibly as good an RPG-producing factory in the PSX era as they were with the SNES, between games like FF VII, Tactics, and IX, as well as cult titles like Vagrant Story and Xenogears. That said, between games like FF IV and VI, Chrono Trigger, Mario RPG, Seiken Densetsu III, and Front Mission their SNES-era catalog was definitely quite strong as well.

  4. If ever there's a remake, it would be interesting if every each one of the protagonists could become Odio, depending on choices made in their chapters, thus making the final chapter and final boss based on their own before their descent.
    Thus, the player could, by their own hands, create the scenario for the final chapter.

  5. Slightly concerned that y’all don’t seem to know even the most basics of the Japanese language to ensure you’re pronouncing things correctly. Even if you don’t, Google Translate can correctly pronounce Romanized Japanese text just fine, too (e.g., Ode).

  6. This is very definitely an Octopath Traveler starting point, glad that Square ended up releasing a game that fit this type again

  7. This is a game I definitely need to try out. I already played Marvelous, For the Frog the Bell Tolls, and Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love. All those games are good and have English patches available. I recommend getting an R4 card to play the Tingle game on the original hardware since using a DS emulator can be a bit difficult. I also played a bit of Mario and Wario but the mouse control feels awkward on an emulator.

  8. There's no confirmation as to how the game is pronounced… It's just written right there and takes 1 minute to confirm on Wikipedia.

  9. Straybow is a refference to Straizo from jojo
    He looks like him
    He betrays the main character
    He sells his soul ( in jojo's it's his humanity) in order to become more powerfull

  10. I absolutely loved the small plot twist for the Xin Shan Quan/Ancient China chapter. The title "Inheritance" makes total sense for it.

  11. where did you guys find those high quality artworks of the characters? those look great, and for a fanartist, could be great reference. this was a great video on a great game. I still haven't managed to beat it bc i lost my save long ago, but it's on my backlog. ^^

  12. At 12:27 the twitter screenshot shows the name as ライブ ア ライブ in japan's phonetic alphabet ("raibu a raibu") making it pronounced "Live (as in 'live news') Alive". Utterly nonsensical, but still interesting.

  13. This game sounds really fascinating. Thank you so much for the spoiler warning, I wanted to learn a little bit before I dive into it. I have so many RPGS I want to play through and the nature of the chapters will make it more manageable for me I think. Also I think it is so great someone made a fan transaltion for a business class. Living the Live.

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