SOMME – Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Across the Battlefield, this time on Somme River. One of the new maps in the Apocalypse DLC released today! MP18 Trench and Unlocking the new RSC! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Thumbnail Art: Join my Discord: Connect with me:


  1. I hate this map as my team can never get past a as there I no cover what so ever and th next flags are past th river so your completely exposed while swimming and one single way for tanks which is lighters with mines and populated by every assault ducked on the map

  2. i deleted bf1 before the ttk2.0 update came out because i could never seem to get kills and my friend said it's easier to get kills now. and it is downloading at 1 megabyte a second

  3. Thanks for the videos jackfrags, was having issues when switching from BF4 to BF1, but after following your BF1 videos I ended up being able to go 33-8 thanks to you! BTW did you ever appear on any videos from Madhatter Productions? Had a friend involved with that and would be cool to see some.

  4. No operations, boring ass gamemode, 3 ok maps… and shitty guns to boot……………. Im actually really mad i bought this shitty games premium. It was so boring promising the first 2 DLC….

  5. Everything I've read is true: it's laggy,rubbish maps and guns for the last dlc and no operations also it it rushed.
    It's like saying here is a quick game for you to play, while we sort bf 2018 out.poor
    Where is the big finale. Poor dice poor!!!!!!!

  6. I really like this game, but I play with one friend and we have to literally fight this game to be partied up and find a full lobby of conquest or even a lobby with enough people to start the game. Idk if this is a ps4 patch issue or what anyone else?

  7. Dice fucked us games laggy as hell and there's no challenge in unlocking the new guns, it's just get kills with that class ….. really a shitty way to send off BF1

  8. Jack you have a lot of work to do calling out EA on how they ruined the ps4 bf1 version with this apocalypse update. You need to make a video on this asap. People are fucking pissed.

  9. I can usually only find 2-3 USA servers that have anyone playing the game…the hundreds of other servers are ALWAYS empty as fuck…. guess nobody plays this anymore……

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