Shroud Plays World Of WarCraft – Full GAMEPLAY WOW 2018

Shroud Plays World Of WarCraft – Full GAMEPLAY WOW 2018
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  1. My first class that i used to play was also Mage.. man i missed this game so much it has been 9 years since i last played it

  2. Ké chuyên mục tìm đồng đội Ae thông cảm:
    Cần tuyển Raider chuyên nghiệp thiện chiến, có kinh nghiệm đi raid các phiên bản WoW. Đã chơi qua Mist of Pandaria càng tốt.
    Yêu cầu cơ bản:
    Online đúng giờ
    Hiểu rõ rotation class mình chơi/ Biết chơi nhiều class càng tốt
    Đọc và hiểu Tactics boss trước khi đi raid
    Chịu được áp lực raid và try hard (wipe không nản)
    Có tinh thần nghiêm túc khi đi raid
    Có thời gian rảnh vào các buổi tối từ giờ đến tháng 8

    Mục tiêu của đội là hạ được Raden trước tháng 8
    Link group hội:
    Link server:

  3. How have they not released an upgraded version of this game with better graphics? Considering how many people still play this game, I'd say that's pretty poor customer service. This is PS2 era graphics. Fair enough if people are still enjoying it, but considering how much time and money you guys put into this, you deserve better.

  4. BFA Doesn’t look like all that, I was upset when legion took away Combat spec from rogues 🙁

  5. WOW sucks. Way to cartoonish. Couldn't watch the video this douche bag's voice and slurping made me want to slap his ass senseless

  6. I watched this to understand what WoW Is, because not many games nowadays have a monthly subscription to play, It seems like a great game but I've heard people can get addicted and sink hours into it. Thats not whats holding me back, whats holding me back Is, Is a 2004 game worth 9£ a month? Though it seems to have an active player base, and its open world which I really do like.

    Idk, It seems so cool, but idkkkkkkk

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