[Shadowverse] Swordcraft "Ambush Sword ft Magnolia"

I forgot to try this out when the mini expansion released! the Ambush sword! guranteed 1 2 ambush on board + novice keeper + novice agent… Value city! Let’s go!


Hyrule Field Theme – Super Smash Bros. Brawl (1)
White Land – Super Smash Bros. Brawl


  1. Second game is a graphic description of what happens when you get overwhelmed by the power of autoplay decks. Again, guys, don't become faulty HS-tier AIs, use your heads.

  2. I do enjoy that artwork of I believe it’s called “swift ambusher” that armor color being purple and her cold serious demeanor just yes!!!!!

  3. I swear to god i legit made this exact same deck but it doesnt work all the time which makes me sad 🙁 Ambush Sword needs more support but I hope it works in the future… its slowly getting good stuff again…..

  4. That last game: Major OOF

    Unlimited is so broken, so many ways to just get bodied. Smash and Shadowverse seems so similar in some way. Or I could be overthinking things.
    Melee vs Ultimate
    Rotation vs Unlimited
    Am I wrong? @-@

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