[Shadowverse] Rowen Activates His BANKAI! | Dragoncraft Main Story – The Guild War Chapters 1-11

New Dragoncraft story mode chapters in Isunia, featuring Nicola Adel! Playing through The Guild War chapters 1 to 11 of Rowen’s campaign.

This video is a stream VOD.

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I play Shadowverse, a digital card game in the same vein as Hearthstone. I showcase a multitude of decks on ranked as well as Take Two and gameplay with friends.


Let the trials begin in Shadowverse’s 10th card set: Omen of the Ten. This set of 114 cards will launch at the end of September with 97 initial cards and 2 new leader cards, with an additional 17 cards (a new gold card for all nine classes and a new legendary card for all classes with the exception of Neutral) coming in the second half of November.

A new mechanic, “Invocation”, will be introduced with this card set. Invocation allows you to play cards directly from your deck by satisfying specified requirements. Even if you have multiple copies of the same card in your deck, activating Invocation will only put one copy into play.

The titular Omen of the Ten are also 10 legendary cards newly introduced in the world of Shadowverse. Now prepare yourself to endure the trials of the Ten!


Shadowverse: the next evolution in collectible card games! Welcome to the fierce battlegrounds of Shadowverse, Japan’s #1 competitive card collecting game!

From the creators of Rage of Bahamut and RPG sensation Granblue Fantasy, Shadowverse features AAA artwork and unique game mechanics that make it the most visually and tactically rich CCG on the market.


  1. i wish more attention was given, this game's actually pretty good ^^; (balance could use some tweak. rip the bronze cards that are straight downgrades of some other older cards) Thanks for uploading.

  2. are just going to look over the Urais roasted Rowen, gave him a pep talk? Urias is a weird character who can be good sometime but not? I hope cy games give more back story to him Urias

  3. Everytime Rowen says things like "I won't hide from you guys!" Or "I will becomes stronger" I imagine him as a shounen protagonist.

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