[Shadowverse] Big Boom – Daria RuneCraft Deck Gameplay

Deck List:

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The time for rebellion has come. Heed the call in Shadowverse’s 12th card set: Steel Rebellion. This set of 114 cards will launch at the end of March with 97 initial cards and 2 new leader cards, with an additional 17 cards (a new gold card for all nine classes and a new legendary card for all classes with the exception of Neutral) coming in May.

Steel Rebellion further explores the world of Aiolon, first introduced in Shadowverse’s main story. Familiar comrades equipped with a new “Machina” trait battle alongside new allies to liberate their world from the clutches of its tyrannical ruler.

From the creators of mobile sensations Rage of Bahamut and Granblue Fantasy, Shadowverse features AAA artwork and unique game mechanics that make it the most visually and tactically rich CCG on the market.

Shadowverse: the next evolution in collectible card games! Welcome to the fierce battlegrounds of Shadowverse, Japan’s #1 competitive card collecting game!.


  1. forced to include the new 5PP 4/5's in your deck to deal with eternal ceres. seems good. portals roatation acceleratium amulet follower,hanna mysteria paragon,natures warden, etc.

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