Shadow of the Tomb Raider – The Price of Survival [ESRB]

Return to the lush world of Shadow of the Tomb Raider and solve a mystery behind Lara Croft’s greatest foe in “The Price of Survival”

Crack the private codes of Trinity’s leader, defeat the elite soldiers standing in your way, and explore a tomb wreathed in a poisonous past.

Equip the new Hunter’s Array outfit, a classic Trinity uniform making Lara’s footsteps quieter. With the new Silent Sting pistol and suppressor, your enemies will never hear you coming.

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  1. Loved all 3 of the tomb raider games so far but I wish they add modes like Croft manor and endurance in the jungle to add replay value!!! Rise of the tomb raider dlc were perfect. Would also love to see more tactical outfits like the main outfit as it is my favourite but other than that this game is awesome!!

  2. Hi square enix i love you game and the dlcs but i dont i you can remaster tomb raider 2 and 3 and last revelaition i have the games in my childhood but maybe you can make it i dunno

  3. I played this DLC today and must say: EIDOS Montreal is doing a great job and they seems to know how to bring "Tomb Raider Spirit" into modern games. Really, I'm a Tomb Raider Fan since PS1 and i do like the reboot games, and the only thing i was missing, i can find in Shadow of The Tomb Raider. Thank you! I was just wondering: will we be able to play with other outfit in Paititi after all the DLC? xD In main story it's ok use the blue tunic and the Serpent Guard, but after beat the game and explore the world!? Please! This will be PERFECT! <3

  4. I loved playing this game. But all of the Paititi missions and sidequests completely kill the momentum of the action. In 2013's reboot, Lara was inches from being decapitated like every 10 feet she walked. In Shadow, all of the mechanics are completely overhauled. Shooting has never felt better in these games, but then you find out there's nowhere to fight any enemies, it's like WTF?

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