1. The Sega Saturn looks better than I thought. It actually have better colors and brightness than PSX, while PSX has Better graphics, texture and draw distance than Sega Saturn.

    But even with that I prefer the PSX version, I hope you don't get mad by my comment.

  2. And when people say PSX is too dark or dull, or that the Saturn has a better color pallette, I disagree. You're raiding tombs, not fucking pride parades. It should be dull to fit with the dark atmosphere of a cave or tomb.

  3. I hated my PlayStation and preferred the Saturn when I got to play on it but got to say i prefer the coloring and textures on the ps1 version most of the time for this game but then again tomb raider like resident evil was not a game i liked either.

  4. I think it's one of the rare cases, where I like the german voice much better than the original! Sorry, but the original sounds like a street hooker to me.

  5. Saturn had better lighting, slightly better graffics. Saturn was a stronger system but developers had to spend more time working on making the games flow. I owned Need for speed 1for both at the time, and it was obvious to us that saturn could handle it better.

  6. PS1 clearly beats the Saturn version in this game ! because the PS1 was too easy to develop for and the Saturn was a hard as hell to develop and besides the Saturn was a more powerfull console than the PS1! that reminds me of the 7th era where the Xbox 360 beated in graphics the PS3 in the multiplats games because the Xbox 360 was more easy to develop for and basically almost all multiplats games on the PS3 were ports of the Xbox 360 version. The same happened to Saturn. A game that would have taken advantage of the potential of the Saturn was the original Shenmue but sadly it was canceled and moved to Dreamcast 🙁

  7. Saturn's one graphically better. Overall colors + lighting of a character. It's easier to notice with proper aspect ratio.
    Also, emulators enhancing framerate, gamespeed a lot.

  8. Very close versions, as most games I have seen the saturn character does look stronger (you can see her calves inthe start of this video) but ps1 does show some more details like the windows inher house and the better checkered floor on the training part.

  9. PlayStation. The higher framerate and better graphics destroy the Saturn, and any problems are due to emulation, check out Digital Foundry's video on this.

  10. Lara is like: "Arrows? Yeah, whatever."
    The Playstation version looks much better to me. But the controlls in the Saturn version are tighter or better in my opinion. The d-pad of the Playstation Controller is not as good. It's still ok. You can't go wrong with either version.

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