1. What a hypocrat video. "You feel bad for them"..? Yea, right. That's why you made a video about them. It's like one of these talkshow hosts "who just want to help people"…gimme a break..!

  2. I was also thinking it’s a lame attempt at imitating h3h3. His wife reminded me somewhat of Hila… like she’s just entertaining his pathetic nature (no offense, Ethan).

  3. They're my kind of couple! I bet they eat boiled peanuts, southern fried chicken and watermelon!!!

    Boiled Peanuts, the Caviar of The South!!!!!

  4. I wish only the worse in life for that man!!! God almighty I hope she didn't have his child at all!!!! Plus that child-man needs to get his ass beat down hard in order to force him to grow up fast!!!!!!!!

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