Rise of the Tomb Raider • The Orrery Collectibles • Mural, Codices, & Survival Caches

Rise of the Tomb Raider The Orrery Collectibles Mural, Codices, & Survival Caches!

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0:12 Survival Cache
0:40 Survival Cache
1:09 Mural
1:47 Codices
2:24 Survival Cache


  1. Playing this game for the first time and pretty late as it were. Completed the game and now going back to get 100% achievement and your guides are invaluable!

  2. Thanks. I have tried a few videos and none of them are as good as yours. I came here just to find the mural. But now I got myself into some trouble in doing so. I got the mural just fine, but now I am stuck on that ledge you jump onto to get to the mural. So, now I am stuck here. I can't get out. I can't go to a camp and fast travel somewhere else. I am stuck. I can't grab onto anything and all my attempts have ended in death. Not sure what to do. Hopefully I will figure it out soon. I finished the game awhile back and just came back to collect everything but now I think I just made things worse for me lol. Thanks again though.

  3. ok I watch ur video on the lost city and completed the game but I can't get that one challenge done its the challenge were u use the catapolt to destroy those thing but I can make a jump and I no I can make it cause I already have but it want let me again I have a video on my channel its called why can't I make this jump would u take a look at it and let me no what u think thanks

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