Rise of the Tomb Raider • Syria Collectibles • Relics, Documents, Incense Burner Locations AND MORE

Rise of the Tomb Raider • Syria Collectibles • Hang ’em High Challenge, Incense Burners, Relics, Documents, Murals, Monolith, Coin Caches Locations

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0:12 Relic
1:11 Mural x4, Monolith, & Coin Cache
3:31 Mural & Document
4:38 Incense Burner x2
5:09 Relic
5:55 Incense Burner x3
6:53 Document & Coin Cache x2
8:19 Archivists Map
9:23 Document
10:46 Incense Burner
11:26 Document


  1. I've only had this vid on for a few seconds and I can already say this a really well-done guide. Thumbs up and a new sub. Thx bruh. Much obliged.

  2. You can travel back to Syria after the game is completed. Apparently, I'm just rounding up every other collectible because the deathless are hard lol

  3. Good videos clear explaining top work all your videos for this great game helped me out finding all the collectables 👍

  4. This video is pretty nice, and I appreciate you putting these together when nobody else seems to. But after watching only a few minutes of this so far, I do have one complaint, which I hope you'll remember if/when you make videos for the new Tomb Raider game. Don't talk when Lara is talking, please. You did that for example near the beginning when Lara is examining a couple of the murals. I wanted to be able to hear what she's saying.

  5. Is that Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC? If so, how did you manage to get Rise of the Tomb Raider to run so smooth?

  6. Awesome guide thanks although i have one question i bought the "crafting tool" instead of the last shotgun and having trouble finding more coins is there another way to get them i got them all from following your guides just wondering if there is anywhere in particular i can find like another 70 or something? Or am i going to have to restart the game?

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