Review: Risk Factions (Xbox 360)

Navyboy attacks some cats in Risk Factions for the Xbox 360

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  1. to stop freezing sign out then load the game and then sign in once it promps you to its a game glitch but ea probably wont fix it i wouldnt ask for thumbs up but this could help alot of people so please do it 🙂

  2. Is there any matchmaking? None of my friends have this, and I'm pretty sure the bulk of my gaming in this would be with online classic…

  3. Risk is cool and all BUT EA NEEDS TO MAKE A STRATEGO GAME EXACTLY LIKE THIS! give it some style and flare but also give us the original version to play, online multiplayer of course. I'de buy that day one!

  4. @Someguy029 As much as I like to feed my pet trolls I'm over it since like the day I posted this. If EA puts their name on something then they accept the blame, that's how it works. Bye now.

  5. @DigitalSkyline Bit uncalled for don't you think. Sorry, I had no idea anyone else was having this problem. I play the game fine, so I'm guessing bad luck. Also, did EA make this game? I don't think so because their usual MO is just producing. So in that case, you are getting mad at the wrong person/people.

  6. It's really fun attacking cats with a robot, y'know, army robots, an army of robots is really effective against cats…
    *cat shoots robot*

  7. @Someguy029 Mr. allknowing douchebag where the hell do you think ? Can you read? If it's MY console explain why many others are having the same problems. And yet I can play Modern Warfare 2 for 4 hours at a time with no hiccups, watch Netflix for hours on end with no problems etc. So how do I fix it? I mean you seem to know with such certainty it's my problem and can't possibly be that of EA's poor quality control.

  8. @Navyboy5499 Deleted it and downloading it again , maybe it will work? I can't even play the single player without it locking the system up. Play all other games no problems. It's not just my luck though many others having issues as well.

  9. @DigitalSkyline interesting ive played the game for more than 20+ hours and it never froze once. sorry bout your luck mate.

  10. The game looks really good and i been a huge Risk fan so i might get it if i have enough microsoft points. Thanks for the review Navyboy

  11. nice review. i LOVED risk and played the board game and several video game versions. i played the demo for this game but thanks for the review, it does a good job of explaining exactly what Id be getting and I think illl probably buy it now xP

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