1. My dad, a former marine, told me about what he called the "Doom Initiative". Essentially, the higher-ups said "wow, this interactive action experience is so amazingly realistic, we should have our soldiers train on it. From now on, whenever you have nothing to do, you're allowed to play Doom." 2 weeks of nothing but jarheads playing computer games later, they realized just how bad of an idea it was, and they just moved on.

  2. I remember being 10 in '95 playing Doom 2 with a neighbor buddy who was 2 years younger than me. His dad wouldn't let him use the chainsaw…I defyingly did and told him the game wasn't about killing people, but rather demons and hellspawn. His father didn't have an issue after that.

  3. Fun fact:- some enemies (like the Pistol Guy, Imp and even DooM Guy) were missing certain frames from their sprites, hence why DooM Guy, Pistol Guy, Shotgun Guy change from right to left handed. Same thing happens with the Imp.

  4. I really miss the surreal, abstract level design. This one even Doom 2016, which is more or less authentic, couldn't convey properly. Playing through all the Dooms (+TNT and Plutonia) again right now, have a blast. Almost vanilla – just Smooth Doom and Ketchup on top.

  5. even today, there is nothing better than getting a sickpack of coke classic, a big precut pizza , firing up the RIG, putting on the cans, and eating, shooting, stabbing, drinking, killing nazis… um, wrong game… killing MONSTERS!

  6. My friends: why are you playing doom? That game is so old. Play some CSGO instead
    Me:*if it wasn't for doom you wouldn't be playing CSGO*

  7. John Wick: They killed my dog, i'll kill an entire russian mafia organization
    Doomguy: They killed my bunny, i'll go to hell and kill all the demons in existance

  8. As much as I respect John Carmack, his statement that story in a video game is not important is completely asinine. There are several game genres in which story is tremendously vital. Even in the 90s when he made this statement, there were several Sierra and Lucas Arts games which would have flopped had it not been for the story, not to mention several RPGs of the 80s and 90s that were heavily story-driven.

  9. I always find the claims of doom espousing satanistic ideals as laughable. You are explicitly tearing hell apart. You are curbstomping demons and rending them limb from limb! Ain't no two ways about it the demons are bad guys you are killing in the games.

  10. You forgot to mention the coop modality of Doom. Also the possibility to connect two computer directly for multiplayer via a simple serial cable.

  11. I am just gonna say it… I LOVE THE DOOM MOVIE. Not because it is good but because it is just ridiculous and I find it incredibly entertaining. I don't know what people were expecting from the movie as Doom' original games were pretty light on story but the movie has some of the best goofy tropes of both horror and action genres. Sometimes it is fun to just turn your brain off and watch something trashy but entertaining.

  12. i'll most likely never be as hooked on a documentary type of video as I was for this one ever. Thoroughly searched information with some great gameplay scenes to show exactly what Stuart was talking about. I don't know how much time this video took to edit and to be made, but god damn it is wonderful. Top notch… I didn't even know that an hour has even passed.. god damn. With that I would like to thank you for this amazing video, keep on uploading and let doom guy kick ass!

  13. Not fond of Carmack's attitude on story in a game. Especially not these days.

    Also, I don't mean video game story being told through cutscenes, either. The strength of a video game lays in interactivity, and a story told that way is, imho, a mastery of the artform. Copying cinema is like a movie just showing a painting or reading a book off to the audience. It's an innefective use of the medium, though it can still be compelling, just as a good book or movie can be. To me, the ideal game tells its story without ever taking control away from the player, without ever ceding the interactive element, unless making an artistic point. You don't write a book without words, and you don't make a video game that's not interactive.

  14. years later i feel like i have to disagree with you about DOOM GUY he simply makes DOOM even better by being a badass marine filled with rage unstoppable even by death
    the player doesn't imbody DOOM GUY it's DOOM GUY who imbodies you

  15. Remember talking to Romero after a few months of the new Doom release, I asked him what he thought about the game, he just said: Haven't played it. And laughed. 😀

  16. The 32X music sounds better to me, considering all the different tracks are so damn simple and boring as instrumentals that after hearing E1M1 for 20 years makes me want to vomit out of my ears. There's just something about that horrendous midi sound that doesn't do wonders for guitar sounds, or anything, really, if you're going to have metal for music.

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