1. Just rented Endgame and I'm confused. I just wanted to see how the quality was for a little bit but by doing that I have to wait two days to just to actually watch it?

  2. Hey plss i bought final fantasy VII/7 advent children HD movie today but i can't watch it it keeps telling network unavailable please check your network connection can u refund me my 13usd dollar i will buy digital games instead plss help meee my psn is – FireEmperorAce

  3. i cant watch that same movie you gouys used to do this video i rented it started the time and it says network unvailable and i only have 2 days please help and fast

  4. Bought avengers endgame and couldn’t watch it because I keep getting an error saying network unavailable, please check your network connection. Help?

  5. When you buy a movie from PSN you can't own what you payed for. They say when & where you can watch and how to watch. The HD depends on their end. Waste of money.

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