Red Dead Redemption 2 – The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 is staggeringly big, so we’ve put together a definitive tips and tricks guide to the game’s systems, shortcuts, and mechanics. Fast travel, hunting, beard styles, combat tips – RDR2 is so deep it doesn’t have time to tell you everything, so let us do it instead.

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  1. I love watching videos like this, they can be very informative… But one thing youve failed to mention is to not walk away during cinematic view. You can still be attacked or tripped. Nice job all and all but dont walk away, and always have your towel 😉

  2. I didn't sub because I don't like when people ask/beg for sub/likes/comments. Good tips video though

  3. Check to see if they are actually blind by aiming at them. If they react then obviously they are a fake.

  4. Bought the PC version yesterday. Love it. Like this video demonstrates, it's packed full of great features. The only thing I don't care for is that the UI/controls for PC are clunky. Other than that, it's worth buying.

  5. Fantastic insight in to Rdr2, this is by far the best video i’ve seen up to date and i’ve seen quite a few

  6. I found a horse with 5 and 6 bars so it was good. But the sell price is only 6 dollars in the stables. How come? Even a pigs carcass is worth more money in this game XD

  7. After shooting a whole town in a mission,I threatened two guys who shotgunned instantly.I love this game.

  8. thanks, was getting kind of lost in all of the functionality in the PC version. Now I just need a good keyboard map of controls…

  9. completed 16% of the story and recently bought 140 $ horse. But balance is barely around 170 $ with me. is this normal ? how to increase amount in pocket?

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