Razer Blade 15 Advanced Hands-on: Powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20-series GPUs

Here’s the Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model gaming laptop. This update is centered around increased graphics performance with the inclusion of new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20-series GPUs, delivering a whole new way to experience gaming on-the-go.

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  1. The 2080 really should be for their blade pro 17" series but if they get the thermals right with the 2080 in the 15 inch, great. The Blade Pro is still the best form factor for performance, design and..battery life if you compare it to the appropriate competing models from asus, acer, dell and msi.

  2. I have the Mercury White RTX 2060 model and running FurMark GPU stress test for a number of minutes I had the following results in the Balanced Setting.

    Burn In Test: (2X MSAA) Time 3 mins + Settings – Dynamic Background, Burn-In, Post-FX – One Fur circle with shimmering background
    GPU Temp Max – 73c
    Avg FPS – 78
    GPU Core – 930 to 1005MHz

    Burn In Test: (2X MSAA) Time 3 mins + Settings – Dynamic Background, Burn-In, Post-FX – Two Fur circles with shimmering background

    GPU Temp Max – 73c

    Avg FPS – 55

    GPU Core – 960 to 1005MHz

    The Keyboard Keys get a bit warm but not bad. The part just above the Keyboard Keys gets to hot to touch but is not in an area you would touch. The palm rests are fine.
    Fans on are on high but they sound fine and much better than an Alienware m15 I had. The sound is not annoying and becomes background noise.
    Also note this is a stress test while running Netflix or general applications the unit was quite with little to new fan activity compared to the Alienware m15 I had. The battery life leaving Netflix running at 50% screen, Keyboard LED off, and sound lower (the sound is excellent and I have to turn it down or it is too loud for me) I got over 6 hours battery life.

  3. Big Keyboard Issue on my Mercury White Razer Blade 15 Advanced RTX 2060
    – All of the Keys with secondary functions are backwards – The main key which is typed when you hit the key is on the TOP and secondary key you would hit the Shift Key for are on the bottom. This not inline with any standardized keyboard layout and for me is a reason to send it back. Paying this kind of money for a laptop and the keyboard key not being correct is unacceptable for me. I know how to type and don't look but I noticed this today after selecting a key I would use the Shift key for and found everyone one is backwards!!! I believe this is because all secondary keys are now lit and the Shift Key items were not lit in previous versions. So they are now lighting the entire key but didn't change the format??

  4. Wonderful review. I just have one question, what does it mean that the RTX 2060 will not be max Q? And what is the difference between this one and a max Q?

  5. Don't understand why they would leave the touch screen at for the 1080P. I'd rather have that at 144hz than a 4K screen at 60hz, but I'd want the touch screen, so not sure I'll go this route since battery life is important to me..I mean…its a laptop.

  6. How many displays from a single TB3 connection? For some reason reviewers don't mention that. Currently it is just 1. The Dell XPS can do 2.

  7. Yo WTF? $2,299.99 For a RTX 2060 Laptop lol Hell to the no. I'm Happy with my my 1,400.00 GTX 1070 OC i7 7700HQ Alienware R3 15.

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