Ranking the Dark Souls 3 Areas from Worst to Best [#22-11]

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After ranking the best bosses in dark souls and remastering the best, worst, hardest, and easiest bosses in the souls series, I thought it’d be fun to rank the best and worst areas in Souls with you all submitting your votes. We’re back today with the top 10 worst areas in Dark Souls 3 (plus 2 bonus areas)! Note that since this is a ranking, the top 10 is backwards…but regardless I hope you enjoy the video, and I want to thank you for supporting the return of the series!

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  1. Road of Sacrifices does have lore significance to it, just not for DS3 in general, its more of a lore that connects the series.

  2. I honesetly loved all the areas in DS3 and all DS games in general :(. Except for that stupid level in DS2 where the statues spit poison at you. Yea, fuck that area. Also black people.

  3. I absolutely cannot stand Irithyl. i get that it has a lot of lore and story and stuff, but there is something about this area that just pisses me off just being there

  4. I love Faron keep its so memorable it has a great boss and there’s a blatantly obvious path right to the side of the entrance that makes sure u don’t get poisoned and it takes you strait the the estuary shard and bone shard

  5. I have to disagree with a lot of stuff here. .. Imo Undead Settlement is one of the best areas. It is original, looks very nice & has a great atmosphere, the enemies here are introduced very well and in interesting setpieces and it is by far one of the best designed levels in the series, with the two main paths connected by tunnels, ruins, chasms etc. Also there are quite many secrets and ambushes and hidden pocket-areas, nicely spread out and hidden. Btw you can run through the settlement in under a minute by going right across the bridge, right again and jump down at the hanging corpse when embered +low carryweight or using fall controll… The catacombs o C are a great area, a well designed, short combination of the original Catacombs (with much more flashed out enemies ) and Sen's Funhouse, with the traps, boulders, bridge etc. Also, you can skip a major part by falling to the right, but I dont know why you should. It seems to me that you don't really immerse yourself in the level and atmosphere and only want to rush through some areas, which is a pity. Things like the cultist townfolk in the Settlement, the screams in the Road oS or an army of skellingtons standing up and chasing you across a bridge, which then collapses and leads you lower would be a big + in my book. Also, judging an area by its boss is ok I guess, but since you have a series dedicated to purely that I would not use that as an argument here. It is a shame that you didn't mention the tower-bridge with Stray Demon in Farron, that is a great part of the level, as well as the Darkwraith-Ghru fight before the watchers. The cathedral should have also been placed much higher, for the same reasons as the Settlement (also the spectacular central bonfire). How you could place Anor Londo above Cathedral and Settlement I just cannot comprehend, it is unoriginal fanservice with one secret (Yorshka), one coal, fitting but reused enemies and a single corridor to the boss, with no new content or design at all. I love the first game and AL, but it being higher than most of these areas is, for me, an insult to the new levels. I also disagree with other choices, but those are more debatable. Btw am I blind and deaf, or where is there a ballista in Dreg Heap? Good vid tho

  6. i have absolutely no idea how irithyll dungeon did not sit at last place. thought it would be voted the worst for sure.

  7. I find that the cathedral of the Deep is very well made but personally I don’t like it because of the annoying deep heavy rolling water and getting to Rosaria is just annoying but I think that the lore is really good and I like the enemies like the giants and cathedral knights
    (I don’t like those annoying cathedral grave wardens those are just annoying )

  8. The fact that the 'worst' areas are infinitely better than the horrible tomb of giants or the stupid snowfield from ds2 just speaks of ds3's superior level design

  9. Damn I didn't realized how many areas had poison swamps in this game lol. Des had the valley of defilement only, DS1 had Blightown only, DS2 had harvest valley and black gulch (in a way) but it was bigger than the first 2 and bloodborne only had nightmare frontier.

  10. The fact that i didn't see the Archdragon Peak on this list kind of annoys me. I think it's easily the worst location. At least the Road of Sacrifices is short, but here… You've got annoying NPC summons, bullshit snakehead mobs (especially the ones with chain axes), stone lizards that have instant attacks, a drake with garbage hitboxes that requires you to slash at its ankes for half an hour, and to top it all off, the brightness is painful to look at. The boss at the end is pretty good, but everything else just makes me think it's the content dumpster, where all the unfinished ideas went to pad out the game's duration.

  11. Honestly don’t like Irythil, no loot worthy to mention with shit enemies as well as some subpar level design. It’s pretty and it is pretty cool to fight the dog on the bridge and the two in Anor Londo to 19k souls from each of them, but that doesn’t make up for this crap.

    Cathedral of the Deep however is my third favourite area with some really cool enemies like the Cathedral knights and with god tier loot you can get here. Sure, every other enemy like the Thrall’s aren’t very good but the rest are pretty nice like the worm dudes and grave wardens. Plus, who doesn’t respect the level design, it’s a fucking huge place that is mostly indoors and I’m pretty sure the building is at least 700m tall. The size of the place really makes you feel like you’re in a grand cathedral

  12. Is it only me who doesn’t really like Archdragon peak? Like i get that it’s a cool secret area with a pretty good boss and is pretty good for lore but i don’t like the area itself from a gameplay perspective. The enemies are the just the same annoying ass snake dudes that gangbang you wherever you go… like take the way up to where you get the dragon stone in the end. They could have put one or two big and really hard enemies there but they just slapped a hundred of the same annoying ass snake guys there and also Ancient (oneshot) wyvern is a big joke with the same problem…

  13. Road of Sacrifices has more lore than "Aldrich took a dump here".
    It was the path his followers used to ferry kidnapped men to the cathedral for Aldrich to devour. Hence the name, Road of Sacrifices

  14. The fact farron keep wasnt the worst one surprises me. It's the one thing that makes me not want to play through the game again and again

  15. I consider the Untended Graves to be a hellish doppelgänger to Cemetery of Ash. This area is easily one of my favorites.

  16. This is just a bunch of bitching and crying
    "boo hoo, this area stressed me out"
    "Boo hoo, I was glad when I got out of that area"
    "Boo hoo, basilisks, stupid developers!"
    "Boo hoo, just run passed everything and grab all the items"
    The very first time you explore an area is where you enjoy the game the most, its the unknown around the corner that keeps you going. Its the annoying and punishing game mechanics which cause anxiety but also make these games as good as they are. Of course you're going to run passed everything you dislike once you know the game already.
    The developers did a great job and are really good at what they do.
    Youtubers are really good at mindless complaining.

  17. I personally think that anor londo is the worst area it is just a 90 second stretch which is just uneeded for nostalgia it is just forgettable

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