Quick Lock Nyx Alphas Jump Freighter – EVE Online

Thank goodness for quick reactions!

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  1. Thumbs up for this video because most people will upload only their success stories, but this video being a near miss qualifies as a good material.

  2. I want to be a Hauler, but don't have the capital for a Jump Freighter. I do have the Orca. Could I just use that as a Poor Man's hauler? What would be the recommended high-sec hauler that's not a Jump Freighter?

  3. That was a slow ass dock lol. If saw a nyx pop up I would've ctrl+space d+ clicked 10 times in like 0.1 seconds

  4. See, I don't get why everyone gives carebears shit. What kind of saddo do you have to be to sit in a POS all day waiting to 1 shot someone. I can't think of a more boring way to spend your time.

  5. I can't see the guys name, any chance you could post it here? always looking for more supers to hunt.

  6. Markeedragon this is why you align first and then only warp when you're fully aligned. You can redock immediately without having to stop your ship. If you had waited even a fraction of a second later, you'd have been dead. Also, CTRL+Space is a lot quicker than using your mouse. Highly recommend that you use shortcuts in the future.

  7. "quick reactions" i wonder how a man who live of seeling eve items didnt have enough IQ to see this asap. Serisly, look his videos 😀 PVP / PVE whatever. he makes SOOOO many mistakes all the time, and is sooo slow at fixing them.

  8. If your using a JF safely, apart from warping in highsec (never Niagara) or between a lowsec citadel to highsec gate, you should never be warping.

  9. In the live portion he cut off in that video he went on about how a Nyx was a dreadnaught or such. Had no clue what a Nyx was. Probably a good sign not to solo jump a jump freighter.

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