PUBG XBOX ONE X GAMEPLAY + First Impressions

PUBG Xbox One X Gameplay and First Impressions. I just got a code for this so I thought I would check it out. The gameplay is faithful to the PC version but it’s very rough around the edges at the moment. Leave a LIKE and your thoughts below, thanks for watching. Join my Discord: Connect with me:


  1. Hello sir I'm am taking a short clip from this video to make a graphics comparison I will give you channel link in the description. thank you. Hope you don't have any problems if I take a clip from your video

  2. No one would believe the changes theyve made since release. Imroved graphics too. This game needs work believe me but I could never hate it. Oh and by the way I have pubg on pc and xbox and I might get it in ps4

  3. I play the mobile version on my iPad at HD settings and highest frames. It runs as smooth as this though. Actually the console version looks better

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