PSW 2384 The Doom of Space Time: Why It Must Dissolve Into More Fundamental Structures|Arkani-Hamed

Lecture Starts at: 14:20
Friday, December 1, 2017
Space-time and Quantum Mechanics are the pillars of our modern understanding of fundamental physics. However, there are storm clouds on the horizon indicating that these principles are approximate and must be replaced with something deeper. The union of quantum mechanics and gravity strongly suggests that “space-time is doomed”.



  1. 146th year! at 56 I'm beginning to feel young again! 🙂
    Interesting lecture, a final rest state that must equal the initial state of our universe's being.
    I would hope to find a few "Immutable Universal Values" here.
    I look forward to this and to your other lectures!
    Thank You, PSW and the Speaker!!!
    Good Luck to All
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  2. When the world "knew" that all of nature was a combination of Earth-Fire-Air-Water there came a crisis. Certain experiments lead to results that did not fit this model. So a bolt-on concept of "Phlogiston" was created to "paper-over" the small discrepancies. The Intelligencia said: "Nonsense!", "Bosh!", "No phlogiston, never!". But the discrepancies persisted and even increased..and dramatically. At the 'Tipping Point' bold new thinkers knew that EFAW as well as Phlogiston had to be totally abandoned. Newtonian physics was the result. We are now again at an existential crisis in physics. Bolt-Ons have been tried: variable speed of light, dark matter, dark energy. Arkani's thinking is fascinating. He's looking to the past to find what has to be "thrown out" of physics to re-formulate it under a totally new model. Highly enjoyable!

  3. Very good lecture. It seems that we are at a limit of what can be directly observed experimentally at the quantum level when it takes an infinitely large apparatus to measure activity occurring in an infinitely small volume of the universe.

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