PS Plus & Xbox Games With Gold for March – IGN Daily Fix

In today’s Fix: free games for March and an Apex Legends leak a year in the making.

Hellboy Trailer Breakdown: All the Monsters:

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  1. I'm just here to comment that the Goku in the back has ssj color hair while the hair is in base form and needs to be taken down and replaced with a proper one

  2. This is why my consoles collect dust for months at a time. Console generation is dead. These companies don't know wtf they are doing. Steam is the only platform to game.

  3. Glad I cancelled my PsPlus a few months ago the games have got mediocre and the fact theyve taken away BC is a joke. Sony will be Sony!

  4. Can someone please move the camera up, it looks like they're almost cutting off her head. I'd much prefer a head and shoulders shot.

  5. Why only 2??? They should've just added Rainbow Six Siege for March lineup, instead of being for only those who didn't have PS PLUS yet.

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