Plex Media Server For Nvidia Shield TV

Plex media server for Nvidia shield tv, in this video I will show you how to setup your Nvidia shield tv to run Plex as a Plex media server, the Nvidia shield tv is great at running Plex as you can use network attached storage to hold your media if you like or you can just use it as a Plex client on its own.
all the apps can be obtained from the Google play store on your Nvidia shield tv.

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  1. I've tried this mate but whenever I go into the plex app on my laptop, my shield always says "offline" even though the Plex server is up and running on the shield.
    Why won't the Plex app register the Shield??

    I don't have an HTPC or anything, just a WD 4tB drive attached to the shield with my movies and music on.

    I'm resorting to using Kodi to watch my bluray film atm. Unless you think Kodi is just as good as Plex as far as watching movies is concerned.

    Cheers pal.

  2. What is the benefit for using the Plex server on the Shield? Synology can run a Plex server and for the Shield you never have to transcode anyway.

  3. hey man, i need help fast. could you send me a link to the samsung drivers for odin and the unlocked stock s7 firmware for oreo pls

  4. i like that i can use nivida shield as a plex server instead of my computer that has to be on for servers remaining available outside of your wifi

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