PlayStation Classic Tear-Down & Disassembly (PS1)

We tear-down the Sony PS1 Classic mini console that reprises the 24-year-old PlayStation 1’s role in the console market. We talk CPU specs, components, & more.
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The Sony PlayStation Classic is a small console that’s about the size of a 7″ LCD, comprised entirely of one PCB and a couple of low-power SMD components. The entire PS1 Classic can be powered with a modern phone charger, although it only has 20 games on its Samsung Flash module. In this video, we take apart the PS1 Classic and go through its specs, including CPU speed, RAM capacity, and storage capacity. The controller tear-down is next.

In terms of figuring out if the PS1 Classic is “worth it,” this tear-down shows the high margin Sony is making on the PlayStation Classic hardware, so it’ll come down to nostalgia and maybe collectibility.

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman


  1. what i thought, a raspberry pi camouflaged with Sony logo, and the one you can´t insert more games, we have to include too that the FPS are locked to 30 when nowadays almost every PC can run it perfectly with all the graphics at 60fps and with high resolutions, sorry, but this is a scam, not worth those 100$ from my pocket.

  2. Everything is just lame… lame consoles… lame retro consoles… they should start making PS2, PS1, Gamecube, N64 all over again for the same price as before.

  3. $100 was not worth this little thing, this was a day one must own and is now a joke, 14 days after launch was the original price drop with target offering 75$. On the 23rd retailers started marking these down to 65$ to 60$, If more price drops keep coming the PS1 classic could hit 40$ in january. for 60 dollars Im considering getting two more to modify as I'd like to keep my original unmodded. Aside from adding more games, I think I'll be taking apart the next two I get to make molds of the shells & make 1 clear case and 1 clear blue case. I might even keep the two stock cases and put in raspberry pi's in them for more fun.

  4. my god if only i had enough "throw away" cash id buy one to make it into the ultimate emulation rig. focused on making it into an overpowered psp basically, thats what i would like to do with it..

    as far as how did they do replicating their old system, i'd say they did so poorly, the games run like crap i hear.. which is sad considering the internal hardware compared to the original psone hardware, it should run great, not to mention the rear port should be functional to allow them to release more gasme titles later down the road, but i guess sony learned their lesson when it comes to expandable memory and small gaming electronics with the psp and its massive security failure(s) lmao.. they didint wanna take the chance…

  5. This is a insult to the og PlayStation no crash bandicoot series or prappa the rapper and many others that didn’t make it no downloads it’s a waste of $100 dollars do your self a favor and get a ps3 60gb and download ps1 classics and play both digital and cd thanks!

  6. @ 8:20, there is a connection thats not on the PCB….CN201… wonder what that was supposed to be, another USB port, Display out port, or the serial connector to pair up two PS classics for multi-play for the games that do-did support it,

    but i guess they couldn't get the serial or whatever link port working in the emulation software/hardware so they removed it
    or it could have also been used to hack the PS classic so they left it out for that reason also or something

  7. That tool set you're using has a magnetic plate below the housing for the screwdriver bits. You can slide the plate out or leave it in, either way it's useful to hold screws while you work.

  8. You go insanely in-depth, struggled to follow along, had to rewatch certain bits constantly, good vid though!

  9. well it's less than $50 and some chip manufacturer in japan had a meeting with sony regarding clear off their unsold garbage and targeted half-wit american fanboys so why not?

  10. Even the Soulja Boy fake china ripoff console is a better deal than this. Really sad that companies are cheating the very people who made them that big out of their money.

  11. Fuck these little gimmicks I rather just buy the original playstation and buy the games for it…oh wait my ps2 will play ps1 games and I do have a number of ps1 games though not many just some more of the better ones.

  12. 2:31 totally wasted potential on sony's part. they could have developed cards that could of fit inside the port, giving you the ability to play different games on each card. kinda like the demo disks back in the day, but they would be the whole game not just the first level or a trailer.

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