Play GTA 5 on your Android phone or tablet using moonlight gamestream

Dont be stupid and dumb enough to comment “FAKE” PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST, this video is about STREAMING the game to your phone,if you do so a moderator will ban you from channel.
If streaming does not work, your PC isnt capable of streaming the game.
PC Requirements: A GeForce GTX 600,700,800,900 series GPU.. a PC capable of streaming games to Nvidia Shield
You can steam using Internet but i have not tried it so I did this on LAN


  1. hi charlie! can u make a video that how to find your ip address to pair with moonlight ? why? because i cannot find it. I hope u will make this video for me plz plz .and i have been subscribe to your channal for a long time ago if u want me to like your video i can do that bye.

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