Play Fortnite on Nvidia Shield Android TV with GeForce Now

Epic Games released the Android version of Fortnite through Nvidia Shield TV Service called GeForce Now. It is streaming serive for games where you do not need to download games physically in hard drive or storage, you can just directly stream through GeForce Now Server.
Fortnite is free and it is free on GeForce Now as well.
This is a step up for Android TV by Nvidia Shield as it brings the most wanted game of the year on its platform.


  1. Just thought I'd let you know – this video has been copied by someone and reuploaded to their channel. I' hope to put a video out in the next 24 hours about it…. I also had a complete video stolen!

  2. Can anyone tell me where to get information about the controls on the Nvidia Shield TV controller for playing Fortnite Battle Royale i.e. which buttons do what?

  3. What were your picture settings on? Unlimited FPS? All settings on epic? Just curious because my internet is 40 mbps and I set the settings to 30 FPS 720 res and all settings on low but I still have a problem with latency even when the game shows 20 ping connection

  4. GeForce Now is in beta and is free! Also these games are streamed by Nvidia, that’s something Apple will NEVER do ever! Apple are as far removed from a games company as you can get, they only care about profits.

  5. What about using the Xbox one x controller?i been using the controller with my shield tv but I don’t know how to get it work with fortnite

  6. Nothing happens with my PS4 controller, I bought the version without the original controller on Amazon Prime Day. Plus when I connect the usb cable to the ps4 controller for charging it mutes the tv, seems like the audio passes through the controller when i plug it in

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