pc master race hate song! Console Peasants vs pc masterrace !

pc master race hate song! pc master race satire by rantjamz! The pc gaming master race has lots of awful songs! Now prepare for console peasant cringe music! pc master race gaming music and the pc master race song sucks compared to this Jam!

pc master race has a flag because they base their identity on pc gaming…which is stupid! pc gaming build does not require joining a cult. pc gaming setup for beginners and console peasant quotes 1 has nothing to do with anything but youtube SEO is nonsense!

pc master race song isn’t as good as the pc master race hate song by rantjamz! fps is a joke! consoles wars song and pc masterrace is a N_AZI joke!

console peasant cringe is full on here! This is the best pc master race meme song! pc master race hate song for all! RantJamz does comedy music on modern life! This video is a joke! If you take it seriously, it means you need to take a break from pc gaming and get a life! You are not pc masterrace! such a thing is a joke!

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  1. Very nice you've come a long ways from your old videos I've almost watched all of them wishing you an amazing evening and start to your week friend keep on keeping on

  2. Now a seriously bad pointless argument about platform preference isn't pc/console, it's Apple/Android – You're welcome for the idea. If an Apple/Android supremacist hate song comes out, not only will I definitely watch that, I will also like, comment, subscribe, and hit that bell icon for future uploads. Wait I already did that.

    I prefer PC, but just because you don't edit videos and use Photoshop on a console. Their differences in purpose make the argument completely irrelevant.

  3. You sung the official console peasant theme song and pledged your Allegiance to corporate overlords GET BACK IN THE COTTON FIELDS PEASANT

  4. at least we donot kiss Sony's and Microsoft's shoes who make you pay 60$ to play online multiplayer also I like how you said that we donot think while we always do research to see how good this new cpu or gpu is all you console peasants do is say lies and stupid things and have to hate on every gaming platform instead of yours cause you are just loyal to a stupid company that did not do any thing to you and then you hate every other gaming platform donot believe me watch this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3iarqG0-k7o&t=3s also I like how you said that we waste our money while we can decide what we want to put in our system we can get a 100$ graphics card 200$ 800$ what ever we want and here is a gaming pc build for 500$ and 400$ like this one https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BZXmy0bZ-_s
    plus take a look at this here are the advantages of pc gaming compared to console gaming
    1# pcs are cheaper

    #2 we donot have to pay60$ for online multiplayer

    3# we can always upgrade our pc when ever we want to

    4# we get better graphics

    #5 better fps

    #6 we get cheaper games with things like the steam sales

    7# pcs can do more things than a console like browsing the web or live streaming editing videos and more

    #8 we decide yes we the consumers decide what we want to put in our system

    #9 we can play old games that you console gamers can not have any more

    #10 we have more games we have real time strategy and mmos games that you can never have

    #11 we have the freedom to choose between a mouse and keyboard or a controller

    now who is stupid just because we want the better platform does not mean we are stupid thank you for reading my comment

  5. "Satire of modern society"… well. I can agree on that.
    Because most of music nowadays makes no sense.
    If this video was without vocals i would think that feminist writed lyrics.

  6. I'm into consoles and I though this was just bad, not even funny. You give us console gamers a bad name. Please don't ever do this again. I mean the 38 likes says it all.๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

  7. I think you are confusing "personal computer" and "political correctness". Even though the acronyms are the same, they don't mean the same.

  8. "Such peasantry on display here, begone filth… shooo." picture Jim Sterling saying that in an aristocratic british accent and attire

  9. wow you liked almost every comment that is posted now give me a like too

    to prove my point that you liked almost every comment

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