Overwatch | The New 'Beautiful' Support Meta – ML7 on Baptiste, Ana and Zenyatta NERFS!

Today we’re talking with the Ana god himself ml7 about the new hero, the zenyatta nerfs and why he thinks this new support meta is ‘beautiful’!
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  1. ml7 said zen is not good? but i have had a ton of success with zen and ive already pushed from low-mid masters to mid grandmaster in a few days after the patch

  2. It took me half of the video to figure out that "mugsy" is "mercy". And i was wandering why he isn't mentioning her at all lol

  3. Standard bronze comp is meta? That's a new one.

    I started with Lucio & Mercy and have spanned out to most of the Supports. Moira and Mercy are still my best though. I am that flexxer though. I will play what is needed and develope them as I can.

  4. If you’re starting out on supports I’d say go with mercy she helps build that awareness without focusing on mechanical skill. You can be thinking about where the enemy is if you haven’t seen em for a while, which ults to be ready for and other things like prioritizing who to heal and safe positioning. Then pick whoever tf you want

  5. "Immortality field game changing"…lol that ability is way way waaay overrated. It has so little hp that it disappears in a second when focused. Poeple already learned to played around it.

  6. which hero is Mugsy? I'm not trolling. It's really hard to understand certain words from ML7. I even turned on the closed captioning.

  7. Foolish of me to think that being a zen one-trick would never betray me. "Zen will never not be meta." I thought, melting a Roadhog faster than you could say no skill. "This ult is key in every match up." I said, blocking a shatter combo. Truly, my hubris…

  8. Just gotta put this out there, thanks for getting this interview. I love getting thoughts of higher players so I can get a thought of where the game could go

  9. You mean the combos only one percent of people that play experience. No matter how much you learn you have to play vast lying different due to people not playing as a team. I have to use Moria as a dps because everyone that picks dps cant aim for shit so I make up for there loss of accuracy.

  10. No one climbs out of low ranks do to only there skill it is solely based on if your team is a bunch of people playing with there feet or actually playing together.

  11. The shit part is that he will never play in the fucked up ranks with new characters. They will always play with the players who are in chat and who actually want to learn the game instead of all the fuck tards in gold and below not wanting to learn shit and think dps is the only way to go.

  12. I wonder where are the overwatch severs located and where are these top 500 players located compared to those servers. Closer to server with a good internet and direct connect equals less packet loss as well as faster response and if I were the devs I would make sure they have less lag because they make blizzard money

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