Overwatch Cosplay Battle, Europe – Behind the Scenes

“Cosplay is a journey.”

More than a competition, the Overwatch Cosplay Battle is a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and teamwork. Over the course of three months, six teams of three cosplayers showcased their skills by creating truly amazing representations of some of your favorite Overwatch heroes.

A Grand Prize winner has been chosen by an official jury made up of Blizzard artists and cosplay professionals, and fans have selected their Community Favorite.

Learn more about the first-ever Overwatch Cosplay Battle:

See photos of all the finals cosplays:

Team France, Magni Torbjörn:
Team Russia, Classic D.Va:
Team United Kingdom, Forest Spirit Orisa:
Team Italy, Blackwatch Genji:
Team Germany, Dragon Symmetra:
Team Spain, Baihu Genji:

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  1. Залупа. У меня все, а ваши косплеи на диву меня еще в инсте пол года назад заебали

  2. lol I got 5 players banned in 3 days by "abusing" the report system. Get your act together blizzard or you wont have any players left.

  3. See? This game is giving so many people such inspirations and hard work to be put into things like Costumes, graffiti, creations, etc. And people keep saying that it's dying. The Overwatch provides you heroes to play as and fight for the future. Now, the Overwatch is asking you all to be heroes and fight for its future. We can't get back up without your support. Will you help the Overwatch get back up?

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