Oney Plays Uncharted 2 (Complete Series)

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Oney Plays Uncharted 2 for Playstation 3 (ps3)
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  1. It's sad that anyone would get in trouble for punching that gremlin snooki. Also the master of disguise may just be the best movie ever made. Also drones are not a new invention Chris they had drones in WW2 JFKs father piloted a drone soo…. also sorry but Anne Frank is not in heaven she did not accept Christ as her lord.

  2. step one: fard and shid haha uh oh I fucking farded loooool poo poo stinky bvvvvvvvv (base boost) fard fard fard bvvv pooooooood hehe farddddd stinky!!!!!!!!! fard shid bvvvvvvv pooooood!

  3. 54:42 Have you been fucking spying on me? I literally had to get eye medicine as a child, I had to be held down to be given it and it traumatised me.

  4. 59:25 I really want to respond to that Lord of the Ring question Lyle had but I also really don't want Zach to think that I'm a cross-eyed freak.

  5. I love Black Mirror and I were going to say that I don't consider any of the episodes bad even though some obviously aren't as good and memorable as the others.

    But when they mentioned the bee one i first didn't remember that it was a Black Mirror episode and now as I remember it I guess I agree that it wasn't very interesting or entertaining so maybe there are some underwhelming episodes that I just don't remember. But even with the bee one I don't think it's necessary to avoid any episodes for any person who haven't watched it yet because it's still not bad enough to ruin your experience it's just kinda boring compared to the great episodes.

  6. The one Ring animorphs people into whatever is their strongest potential. For stubby little toddler-sized Hobbits that means invisibility, it's as strong as they can get, but for Sauron it makes him really cool, and able to shoot 7 CGI men back in waves

  7. I swear to god, 2:20:05 "sonic goes to the real world" is the fucking funniest thing. How the hell did zach come up with that so fast. i'm. i'm devastated.

  8. I'm a huge uncharted fanboy im like one of nathan drakes little sluts but i just wanna say, factually, that there is something pretty broken about this port lol it's better on the ps3

  9. I would like to formally express my opinion on this 3 month old video that Lyle is wrong and Redman is not, in fact, from Wu-tang Clan. That's all.

  10. Zach's voice at 6:23 is one to one with the plant manager from ep 1 and 2 of HBO's Chernobyl if anyone's seen it

  11. It genuinely unsettles me that there exists people with an imagination so complex, they think of mixing my butter spread with their piss.

  12. Lyle's confusion about jelqing leads me to believe he has a massive dong and as such never cared to google how to make it bigger

  13. i like to think that this woman was just unfairly blamed for everything that went wrong and she actually did none of it.

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